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Title Director of Marketing & Communications
Categories Executive Opportunities
Salary DOE
Location Atlanta, GA
Job Information


As a key member of the Management Team, this position is responsible for development and implementing a marketing and communications strategy.

The incumbent sets goals, monitors work and evaluates results to ensure that departmental objectives and operating requirements are met and are in line with the needs and mission of the organization.


Reports directly to the Vice President of Advancement.

Plans and directs the work of the Marketing & Communications department staff and is responsible for establishing overall objectives and priorities for the direction of the department.


Works directly with the President and senior staff and volunteers to set overall organizational policies and priorities. Considers and analyses the implications of proposed actions and decisions on the whole of the organization.

Works directly with executive directors, senior staff and board members on collaborative projects.


  • Assists in developing the department’s strategic plan, which addresses critical issues in the marketing and communications area. The plan will set out objectives for each strategic area of the department and outlines plans for achieving those objectives.
  • In consultation with the Vice President, senior management team and departmental staff, develops and recommends an annual plan for the Marketing and Communications department. The plan will set out objectives, plans, and specific activities to be pursued in each area of responsibility. This plan will be developed in the context of the organization’s strategic and operating plans and will be directed at supporting the objectives established in those plans.
  • Makes decisions relative to the selection, promotion, utilization, retention and compensation of Marketing and Communications staff.
  • Makes presentations to the Board on Marketing and Communications strategies and activities.
  • Provides strong, effective and highly visible leadership to the Marketing and Communications team in order to capitalize on the full potential of this most critical resource. Ensures that all employees are stimulated, motivated and guided to contribute fully to the realization of United Way’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. Empowers employees to identify innovative approaches to enhance organizational performance.
  • Develops a marketing strategy that effectively markets the organization and educates the public in terms of issues and maximizes the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of an annual, strategic, special events calendar that ensures the efforts, resources and the volunteer time are utilized in a manner that provides the greatest return to the organization. Ensures all events are planned to capture the attention of the intended audience and the media. Manages the production of each event ensuring all appropriate sponsorships are achieved and all details are managed in a creative, timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Develops and implements communications and media strategies that successfully deliver information and key messages to the public.
  • Develops and maintains a strong and productive relationship with both print and electronic media. Ensures the organization is understood by the media and the media are interested in presenting information to the public in a manner that informs and educates them on the organization.
  • Provides ongoing media training to the management team and volunteers. Ensures management and volunteers have the skills and confidence to deliver appropriate messages during interviews with the media.
  • Directs market research activities in order to keep abreast of changing demographics and other relevant issues in order to evaluate marketing and communication activities and to monitor emerging issues.
  • Ensures the development of advertising and promotional plans and manages the annual advertising and promotional budget.
  • Manages the use of external resources as they pertain to the marketing and communications function (e.g. advertising agency, printers, etc.)
  • Keeps abreast of all trends in the industry.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


This position has responsibilities for working with the Management Team and senior volunteers to develop and implement marketing and communications strategies and approaches. Poor leadership, inappropriate procedures, incorrect information, lack of foresight or diplomacy could adversely affect relations with the organization’s stakeholders, cause embarrassment to the organization and its senior officials and volunteers or result in a loss of credibility.


  • University graduate in business, marketing, communications or an equivalent combination of education, training and expertise.
  • Individual must possess a minimum of ten years combined senior management and communications experience in an organization involving a significant number of people with diverse and varied interests and backgrounds.
  • Experience must include strategic planning, communications planning and management, marketing and media relations.


Individual must be a strong communicator, have excellent written, presentation, oral communications and interpersonal skills.  Individual must possess strong leadership skills, be able to motivate and influence others. Individual must be able to think creatively and strategically, have excellent judgment and be able to work in a changing environment.

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