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Our Approach

People United Foundation Inc. (PUF) remediates poverty in underserved communities by providing entrepreneurial educational leadership courses for students at risk who unfortunately dwell in impoverished neighborhoods amongst the band of thieves, gangs, prostitutes, drug dealers, etc. Many times, students are unsupervised and must provide food and shelter for themselves. Out of desperation and feelings of hopelessness, they resort to criminal acts such as burglary and theft just to survive. Our leadership classes provide at-risk youth with hope, confidence, and life-skills to stay off the streets amongst the thieves and become productive law-abiding citizens and community leaders.

A Winning Strategy

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In 3-5 years, the supply needed to meet LEAP Development demand will continue to diminish significantly, compounding and exacerbating problems within the current situational framework. As the traditional educational system continues to churn out qualified job-seeking graduates further saturating the pool of job seekers, PUF will utilize its 3-5 year strategic business plan and leverage its resources to meet the demand for this industry experiencing exponential growth.




Excellent services and high quality resources. Everything is well organized in courses and lessons to make it easy for members to get all the required information quickly and easily with no hassles.

Anna Matin

Thank you for the great services and programs!

Martin Dawson

I keep learning everyday with the PUF…Improving myself and my life for a much better future! 🙂 Thank you.

Maria Mente

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